Blogging?:“I’m From the Old School”

Adrienne June 3, 2010 0

After telling my mother I decided to start a blog about my hair & life she said, “Why don’t you get a journal…you know I’m from the old school.”

Fighting back laughter, I attempted to explain to my mother the difference between a blog and a journal. Poor me, before I could get my explanation out she said, “Adrienne, I know what a blog is; we read them all the time at work.” Her comment was not in response to blogging but to the possibility of me sharing personal information with people I don’t know.

Is it a generational gap that causes users of Social Media to take lightly the sharing of personal information? We, avid Internet users, view our posts, tweets, and status updates as the norm while those of earlier generations find it unnecessary and even dangerous.

I find no harm in expressing myself electronically, in moderation of course. However, should participating in blogging and other social media outlets be viewed as risky or is this just an “old school” way of thinking?

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