Smells Good: Gorilla Perfume via Lush

Adrienne April 21, 2011 0

Several months ago Lush introduced Gorilla Perfume, a new line of scents. Of course, being made by Lush, these delicious smells are created from raw materials.

Some of the Gorilla Perfume scents include Karma, Orange Blossom, Imogen Rose, & Vanillary. My personal favorites are Lust, Breath of God, & Tuca Tuca.

Unlike some perfumes I have tried in the past these really do seem to last all day. The scents linger but are not overpowering.

Beyond the fact that Gorilla Perfume were created from parts of nature, I find the stories behind each scent fascinating.

The video below creatively details the inspiration behind each Gorilla Perfume scent and showcases the launch of the line. Who knew perfume could be so deep.

Special thanks to Lush for providing the Limited Edition Perfume Kit.

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