Hairspiration: “Embrace Your Texture…No Matter What.”

Adrienne August 9, 2011 1

Last month released an article Can I Touch It? The fascination with natural, African American Hair. This piece, which found its way to the front pages of hundreds of blogs & websites, tackled the subject of natural hair in the African American community and the infatuation, to “reach out & touch it” of other races.

Along with the article a video, an interview with Urbanbella Salon owner, Keneesha Hudson was featured. In the video she shares her opinion on natural, the struggle to truly embrace texture & her personal natural hair journey.

While I enjoyed a few points of the article mentioned above, what I found myself impressed by, and most eager to share, was Ms. Hudson’s video.

Her concluding words, encouraging all women to embrace their texture & love it “no matter what,” is true hairspiration.

We all know, and have most likely experienced, people ooohing & awwing over our hair. In many cases there have been those who have attempted, and some successfully, to grab a fist full of our curls, kinks, and waves.

Although it’s fun to chat about experiences, what I find to be most compelling is sharing the importance of loving yourself for who you are. Kudos to Ms. Hudson for doing just that!


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  1. Corea W. August 10, 2011 at 8:36 am - Reply

    Love this vid.

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