From the Web: Vogue Italia Speaks on Natural Hair

Adrienne March 9, 2012 0

While browsing the web yesterday I came across a recent article by Vogue Italia.

Within the magazine’s online Black Beauty section sat an article titled Natural Hair Trend.

This brief, but interesting, look at natural hair speaks to “the newest pack of Black models storming the catwalk in full embrace of their natural hairstyles.”

It describes how, due to lack of knowledge by some hairstylists, Black models have endured severe damage to their tresses & scalp. The piece also draws a parallel line between, what it calls, the “Black hair craze” and recent upsurge of models sporting their natural hair on the runway.

While I applaud Vogue Italia for showcasing the beauty, and fierceness, of natural hair, I am left slightly puzzled.

I’ve always found it interesting when media outlets, or people in general, refer to natural hair as a trend.

To paraphrase a line from the movie Good Hair, “what makes wearing your hair the way it grows out of your scalp revolutionary?”

What do you think? Is natural hair a trend or is it simply a choice?

credit: Vogue Italia

credit: Vogue Italia

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credit: Vogue Italia

To check out Vogue Italia’s entire article Natural Hair Trend click HERE


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