Chauna Brown Dishes on Spring Nail Trends & Bmore Polished Nail Bar

Adrienne April 3, 2012 1

Chauna Brown, owner of Bmore Polished Nail & Lash Bar in Baltimore, MD, is an accomplished natural nail tech and lover of eco-friendly style.

“Taking a natural approach to nail care”, she uses handmade and biodegradable products in her nail lounge.

Who knew nail polish could be eco-friendly?

Being a lover of all things nails, I was super excited to have a chat with Ms. Brown. She dished on Spring 2012 nail trends, Bmore Polished Nail bar, and offered up some tips on achieving healthy nails.

Check out our conversation below!

What made you decide to take an eco-friendly approach to nail care?
I’ve always been label conscious in what I buy as far as skincare, and nail care of course. I went natural in hair a year ago and that was definitely a challenge. But then I changed my eating habits—More veggies, water, natural juices, poultry, and seafood only— that was the best thing I ever did, especially for the health in my nails.

If you could only give one tip, what would you say is the key to beautiful & healthy nails?
A proper diet is key, along with drinking water, eating protein, and getting vitamins. A good moisturizer, like the body butters from Nidassi, will help your cuticles and nails beds.

What are some of the hot nail trends for Spring 2012?
It’s all about texture and color for the spring and summer. Green is the new black. You are going to start seeing a lot of Money Greens and Sherlock Greens.

Pattern work, tribal detail, and even velvet nails are going to be in. The palette is a lot more edgy and different. Free hand art designs are also in. This will definitely be the year of DIY. People are more into doing their nails themselves.

Blinged out nails and Junk nails, which is adding a cluster of crystals, rhinestones, beads etc to nail bed, will definitely be in. Lace nails, which is actually taking lace and placing it on your nail, will also be very big.

How can someone achieve a professional looking manicure at home?
Proper nail care is the foundation of any great-looking manicure. Treat them with love and you’re halfway there! Next, be as neat as possible and creative!

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or Bmore Polished Nail & Lash Bar?
I’m very excited to launch this natural nail and lash bar. It will truly be a place where patrons can come and receive extraordinary pampering, and also feel assured that they’re not only taking care of themselves, but the environment.

To learn more about Bmore Polished Nail & Lash Bar visit their Facebook page here.

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