Fab Shoes at an Awesome Price? Buffalo Exchange!

Adrienne January 9, 2014 3
Fab Shoes at an Awesome Price? Buffalo Exchange!

It’s no secret that I’m a thrifty shopper. A large portion of this blog is built on my principle of never paying full price, but always looking like did. While being frugal is the name of my shopping game, I haven’t always been able to apply my “get it on sale” motto to shoes. I wear a size 10, like every other women in the Metro Atlanta area, and find it hard to buy quality shoes at a reasonably discounted rate. Well, that was my story until I was introduced to Buffalo Exchange.

If a thrift store and Urban Outfitters had a baby it would be Buffalo Exchange. The reason why this vintage/consignment store is so near and dear to my heart is because of its shoes selection. Without fail, I have scored a fabulous pair of shoes each and every time I’ve set foot in the store.

On my first trip I was actually selling some of my items. While waiting for the attendant to survey my goods I spied the cutest pair of taupe wedges. They were a whooping $13. Before what I brought to sell was sorted and selected I had already purchased the wedges.

Bamboo Taupe Wedges

Bamboo Wedges (similar)

Honestly, I thought this shoe luck was a one time thing. I was certain there was no way I would find another pair, and in my size I might add. It just couldn’t be. I was wrong!

On my next trip I was, again, selling some items (these trips were months between each other). This time I went straight to the shoe section. My eyes caught a glance of a fly pair of peep top boots, and for $10! Sold! After this amazing score I began to think that my shoe finds were not luck. Could they be a day in the life of Buffalo Exchange? Before I could come to a concrete answer there was one more test.

X.Appeal Brown Boots

X.Appeal Boot (similar)

Instead of, as before, waiting months between my next visit, I decided to go back within weeks. In my mind there was no way there would be another pair of shoes that fit my fancy. Yep, wrong again! Not only did I find more footwear but I hit the boot jackpot! A black pair of genuine leather Bussola riding boots, never worn tags still on, for $26.50 (faints)! That buy, my dears, sealed the deal! Buffalo Exchange is now my go-to for fabulous shoes!

Bussola Black Leather Boots

Bussola Black Leather Boot (similar)

Do you ever have difficulty finding shoes that fit your style and wallet? What are some of your go-to shoe stores?


  1. Mel January 10, 2014 at 6:46 pm - Reply

    !!! There are a couple Buffalo Exchange locations in NYC. I need to frequent there more often!

  2. Adrienne January 12, 2014 at 10:27 am - Reply

    Yes! You would be surprised by what you find! :)

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