3 Ways the Spa & Massage Industries Benefit from Paperless Digital Technology

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No matter what industry you are in, modern digital technology can make your life so much easier. Even when it comes to managing a busy spa and massage service, there are many ways in which digital technology can help you stay better organized, keep better client records, and stay in touch with your regulars. They are, after all, your lifeblood. These three ways the spa and massage industries can benefit from digital technology are really just the beginning, but they will also show you just how important it is to stay informed on the platforms and app, which can help your company grow.

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1. Ability to Take Your Services Mobile

One of the most difficult aspects of traveling to clients’ homes to give a full body massage, for example, is in not having the client’s records on hand. You have programmed their address into your smartphone’s contacts, but without knowing which services they have had in the past, it will be like working in the dark. Using a mobile app means that client records can be accessed in customizable record sheets, which can be stored in the Cloud and accessed through your mobile phone.

2. Digital Consent Forms

Companies like GoCanvas are able to help you customize service consent forms pertinent to your busy shop. It is becoming increasingly important for spas to have clients sign consent forms for services because you can be very specific about what they are consenting to. One slight mishap could have you in a legal battle over your head if you didn’t get that consent form signed.

GoCanvas’ customizable forms can also have a digital signage area where the customer signs the form just as they would on paper, but on the screen of your smartphone with a stylus or their fingertip. Save the form in the Cloud so that it can be accessed by anyone with the proper permissions. Each masseur or masseuse will have their own access levels and storage banks. Typically, it is the shop owner and/or manager alone who has access to all files, but some are saved in a common database for any employee to access.

3. Special Notes on Each Client

Another kind of form that you can create would be a “Clients Note” log. This would be where you could enter any pertinent information like allergies they may suffer or special services you provided not normally part of a listed service. If another masseur should happen to be booked with that client next week, they will know what to do and what not to do based on your notes. The beauty of digital technology is that you can access any and all information you need right from your workstation, as well as when on the road at a client’s residence.

In other words, there is no longer a need to sort through bulky client folders because every record you need is at your fingertips. From products you use to services you’ve rendered, you can keep records and forms with you to be called up at any time. Paperless digital technology for the spa & massage industries are the way of the future – and GoCanvas brings that future to your workplace today.



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