The Best Fitness Equipment to Get for Your Home Gym

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setting up a home gym

Individuals with hectic lifestyles often find it difficult to maintain a consistent gym schedule to support their fitness needs, but there’s a solution – establish a home gym.

While the idea of setting up a home gym sounds expensive and seems challenging at first, it’s actually not. All you need to do is get the right pieces of fitness equipment and find a dedicated  space for a simple way to supplement your 24 hour fitness needs. But if you’re worried about your lack of gym equipment knowledge, I am here to help.

These strength and conditioning workout essentials will help transform your unfit body into something that you’ll be very proud of. And since they’ll be sitting right at your home, you’ll have no more excuses to keep you from achieving your fitness goals. Let’s take a look at some of the best home gym equipment out there:

1.  Medicine Ball

setting up a home gym

Who would’ve thought that a simple fitness tool such as a medicine ball can be helpful for your strength and conditioning? Medicine balls come in various weight levels, ranging from 2 to 25 pounds. You can work out with a medicine ball by lifting, throwing or slamming it, with the type of workout depending on your goal.

2.  Adjustable Bench

If you want to hit your muscles in multiple angles, an adjustable weight bench is your best friend. It features five configurations that help grow the chest, back, triceps, and abs, among others. Though a flat version of this fitness tool exists, it doesn’t allow for more exercises like the adjustable bench.

3.  Dumbbells

Buying a set of quality dumbbells will be one of your best investments for your home gym. Not only do they allow you to perform a variety of workouts, they are also compact in size and very easy to put away. With a good set of dumbbells, you can do a range of strength training exercises to build the strength and endurance of your muscles. You can even use them to perform various cardio workouts. Depending on the dumbbells, they have varying weight levels ranging from 5 pounds to upwards of 50 pounds.

4.  Resistance Bands

With their durability and compact size, resistance bands are one of the most reliable fitness products for band-based exercises. Resistance bands are so versatile that you can basically do a strength training exercise with them wherever you are. Other than that, they are so easy to us that all you need to do is place a band around your knees, ankles, or quads during banded walks, bridges or walks.

5.  Step Platform

Adding a step platform in your home gym is always a great decision. This highly functional fitness equipment can be used for multiple activities, including dumbbell chest presses, cardio exercises, plyo workouts, and more. What’s even better is that despite being lightweight, a step platform is sturdy enough to handle even the most intense workout sessions.

6.  Kettlebell

Kettlebells for a home gym

Even with a limited amount of space, a kettlebell allows you to do a variety of strength moves that include swings, goblet squats, single-leg deadlifts, and much more. This all-around fitness tool also comes in a variety of weight levels, with the heaviest ones being ideal for advanced strength workouts.

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