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March 21, 2018
Lifestyle Business

Why is it Vital for Online Business Retail to Build Customer Loyalty?

Building a successful business is interwoven with having loyal customers. While many small businesses are in a frenzy to acquire new customers, it’s even more important to keep existing ones, according to Harvard Business Review. Customer loyalty is what drives the big brand’s success like Apple, and it also should for online business retail. So, if you’re a small online store owner and have been sitting on the fence wondering what loyalty can do for you, here are five reasons why you need to build relationships with your existing customers. Loyal Customers Stick with You Loyal customers stick with you […]
March 18, 2018

3 Ways the Spa & Massage Industries Benefit from Paperless Digital Technology

No matter what industry you are in, modern digital technology can make your life so much easier. Even when it comes to managing a busy spa and massage service, there are many ways in which digital technology can help you stay better organized, keep better client records, and stay in touch with your regulars. They are, after all, your lifeblood. These three ways the spa and massage industries can benefit from digital technology are really just the beginning, but they will also show you just how important it is to stay informed on the platforms and app, which can help […]