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Summer nearly here again to usher in the easy, breezy and colourful days. It certainly gets you dreaming about lounging at the pool or beach. Gardening, grilling or just spending time with friends and family members outside.  It’s also the time of year to give your home some tender love and care. Here are some budget-friendly tips to spruce up some lacklustre spaces and get them summer ready.

Summer gives the light-hearted,  sunny feeling everybody looks forward to. But that pleasurable atmosphere doesn’t have to be limited to the outdoors. You can bring summer into your home without breaking your bank. Here are some pocket friendly ideas to get going:

  1. Fix your air conditioning units

If you depend on air cooling units to give your home the desired temperature, then make sure they’re working properly for summer. If you use an AC unit every day, don’t forget to wash it at least once a month. This will keep the unit well maintained and prevent pay-outs later.

Remember to get a qualified technician check your refrigerant levels and ensure the coils are kept completely clean. Getting rid of the debris and grass sprouting around the outside condensing unit will help it function well.

  1. Keep the shrubbery and trees well-trimmed

While trying to get the indoors ready for summer, make sure you also pay attention to the outside. Keep the greenery low – shrubbery, trees and even large plants can damage your outdoor painting or property, if swaying uncontrollably.

  1. Select a colour theme for your walls and décor

Chose a favourite colour or two (one primary and the other a secondary and complementary colour). They should convey serenity, calm, vigour or any other emotion you want to recreate, to synchronize with the season.

Keep the theme consistent with your wallpaper and painting, to compliment the furniture, art or décor pieces.

  1. Avoid water damage

With the colour, sun and breezy atmosphere of summer, also comes the occasional rain and thunderstorm. It could damage parts of your home if you don’t prepare. Make sure to check all your home features that could be susceptible to rain or water, to make sure they’re in the perfect condition to prevent any form of damage.

From your foundations to the roofs and gutters; from the doors to the windows, check for any signs of leaks, cracks or caulking. You’ll be saving a lot of money on repairs if you check these early and get them fixed immediately.

  1. Take advantage of good summer discounts

During the slow summer months, you’re likely to find many maintenance and cleaning discount offers from different brands, that can be useful for your summer spruce up. Take advantage of financial offers as well. Often, banks and credit cards will offer deals in the run up to the summer months. When they know consumers will be more likely to be frivolous with spending on holidays and summer activities.


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