Glasses, The Must – Have Fashion Accessory

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Fashion glass

Wearing glasses is a fashion accessory and I am not talking about sunglasses or prescription sunglasses.  I am talking about spectacles.

When I was at school I was so jealous of people that had glasses, and believe me this was before Harry Potter or before spectacles starred on the catwalks.  I use to ask to wear them and I desperately wanted a pair, so desperate I actually faked an eye test to get a pair.

It turns out though that I am not alone.

In fact, right now there are ladies all around the world wearing designer glasses not for vision’s sake, but for fashion’s sake.  This is also not isolated to a certain age group either, teenagers through to seniors are taking advantage of glasses as a fashion accessory.

Why? Looking like everyone else is boring and in today’s world first impressions count. Why fit into this world when you are born to stand out?  Women’s glasses come in so many designs and colours. You can pair the glasses with the mood, company and occasion, from funky, sexy to my favourite look which is smart and sophisticated.

I couldn’t agree more with beauty guru Bobbi Brown who says, as for make-up, glasses are the quickest makeover.  With glasses, you can emphasise your best features.  For example, black is always good for highlighting and outlining your eyes and wearing glasses with cat eye frames will give your eyes a natural lift.

The internet has also made it now so easy to buy glasses online. You can access amazing styles and brands such as GUCCI, Dior, Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo, one of my favourite designers.

As with many other fashion lovers I have more pairs of glasses then I can count and use glasses as a way to complete my wardrobe.

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