Laser Cutting in the Fashion Industry

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January 4, 2019
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Fashion and laser cutting

Most fashion designers in the world of fashion have long been used to the competitive nature of the industry.

From trying to accommodate the needs of customers expecting higher design standards, to beating even the tightest deadlines, the world’s best fashion designers are regularly required to endure tough situations just so they can keep on doing what they love to do.

For an industry that is mainly associated with glitz and glamour, the struggles that fashion designers have to go through on a regular basis are not a joke. And the introduction of various types of advanced technology in the fashion industry has been a godsend to every fashion designer as it makes several aspects of their job much easier.

Laser cutting technology is steadily rising in popularity among fashion designers all around the world. While laser cutting has been heavily utilised in the manufacturing industry for decades due to its incredible features, the technology is fairly new in the world of fashion and design. And despite being in what we can call as its infancy stage in fashion, the importance of laser cutting has already been realised by many designers.

But how exactly does laser cutting do its magic in fashion?

laser cutting and fashion

Laser cutting Sydney devices are well known for their ability to do clean, high-precision cuts on various types of materials, ranging from strong to delicate. And in the world of fashion, they can be used to make fancy shaped cuts on many types of textiles, including felt, linen, viscose, silk, and much more. For synthetic fabrics, laser cutting melts the edges cleanly and perfectly, preventing the occurrence of fraying among the material. Apart from that, lasers can also be utilised in engraving velvet and other fashion materials.

Due to the fact that laser cutting is such a fine piece of advanced technology, the design options that can be processed with it are basically endless. This enables fashion designers to have total freedom and creativity when working on patterns and implementing their ideas. Also, laser cutting boasts faster processing speeds for individual designs, which makes it possible for each piece to be unique even in series production.

Additionally, laser cutting also works wonderfully well with the materials that are typically used in fashion jewellery. So apart from being able to engrave patterns and cut textiles, you will also be able to work on the jewellery that you intend to attach to your garments.

laser cutting and fashion

laser cutting and fashion

By leveraging the power of laser cutting, fashion designers will benefit from faster pattern cutting and textile processing, unlimited design choices, and perfectly clean and sealed cuts and edges. With all of the advantages that laser cutting technology offers for fashion designers, there is no doubt why its popularity in the fashion industry is steadily growing.

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