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February 12, 2012
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April 15, 2014
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I dont know about you, but some days I find myself in need of a serious beauty refresh. Of course, as life would have it, my I need a beauty fix days are usually short on time and ideas.

As if to read my mind (as possibly yours), PrettyCity.com recently published an article, Top Five Beauty Fixes, with some great tips on how to stay petty on the go. Here are two quick fixes that just might come in handy:

Oily Nose? Try a Paper Toilet Seat!

If you find yourself shining on-the-go with no face powder in sight, step into the nearest ladies room to divert your beauty disaster. Paper toilet seat covers work nearly as effectively as the blotting papers often sold in the cosmetic aisle to eradicate shine. No toilet seat covers available? In a pinch, use a piece of toilet paper to absorb excess oil. A tip: always use the side of the paper facing down to avoid germs


As a sidebar, I have personally tired this, my face produces oil as if its being paid to do so, and it really works!

Need a Chic Hair Do? Put a SOCK In It!

Theres a simple way to create an easy updo, be it at home or on the go. You probably dont travel with an extra sock, but you may want to after you read this tip. To create a chic, voluminous bun, snip the toe end off a sock that is a similar color to your locks (the thicker the sock, the larger the final bun will be). Next, put hair in a ponytail using a hair tie. Take the sock and roll it up into a donut shape and put the sock donut over the hair tie that is securing your ponytail. Roll the sock down the length of your ponytail towards your head, wrapping your hair around the sock as you get closer to the hair tie. Once done, tuck extra ends, secure with a bobby pin and youve created a thick, gorgeous bun.

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