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Sydney Helicopters

Whether you are one of the 5 million people that reside in Sydney or one of 3.5 million visitors that come each year one of the best experiences in Sydney is booking a Helicopter tour over Sydney harbour.

While flying in the air you will find it hard to believe to keep up with growth Sydney will need 770,000 additional homes or an extra 25,000 homes per year by 2036.

Sydney Helicopters

You will not only get an aerial view of Sydney suburbs but also of the spectacular Sydney Harbour which is the deepest natural harbour in the world, getting up close to the Sydney Harbour bridge. Known by the locals as “The Coat Hanger” due to its distinct shape, Sydney Harbour Bridge is the tallest steel arch bridge and the widest long-span bridge in the world.  This bridge took six years to construct and contains 6 million hand driven rivets.  The four pylons on either side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge are completely decorative.  The bridge is grey because it was the only colour in a large enough quantity to paint it.

Sydney Scenic Flights

Added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2007 and taking centre stage is the Sydney Opera House.  This magnificent construction was expected to take four years but instead took 14 years and has more than 8.2 million people visiting every year.  With more than 1 million roof tiles covering approximately 1.62 hectares sitting over the structure the best view of the Sydney Opera House is in the air.

Scenic Helicopter Flight

Not to be forgotten in the backdrop is the Sydney Tower.  The Sydney Tower was the tallest structure when it opened in 1981, and still is the second tallest freestanding structure in all of Australia at 1,001 feet over the Sydney CBD. It is also the Southern Hemisphere’s second tallest observation tower.

Sydney Scenic Flights

Here in Sydney you will also find home to 60 percent of Australia’s top 100 companies.

Other sites to take in is Fort Denison, the heart of Sydney Harbour and covering 30 hectares (74 acres), the Royal Botanic Gardens.


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